Summer is the season of prime wedding. It can also be one of the worst times of the year for hair, between heat and humidity! Check out these wedding hairstyle ideas with using summer flowers to keep you looking your best during the day.

Summer is a time for ponytails and this can be a great style for a bride if done correctly. The simple pony you pull your hair into as you sprint out of the gym door isn’t what we’re talking about here; a special occasional ponytail is very sleek and polished, and a professional should be doing that.

The crown of the hair will most of the time be backpacked before the tresses are smoothed over the top with a light pomade for a beautifully sleek look that also has a touch of lift off the crown. Also the ponytail itself should be as smooth as silk to give it an elegant appearance. Wrap a small section of your hair around it to cover the elastic band. The perfect hair accessory will be a fresh flower, or a tiny spray of white feathers.

There are plenty of cosmetics you can apply to your hair to make your wedding day look extra special.

hair accessory

Small items and large items to match your hair depending on the day on which day you choose to wear it. When you wear your hair, you can wear a big clip or a lot of small flowers all over your hair. When you decide wedding hairstyles with flowers, you can still choose to wear one or two beautifully decorated hairpins over your hair.

Small jewelry and beads are widely available, they are very small but make a noticeable change to go into your hair. You can also buy hairpins attached with jewelry and turn them into beautiful patterns. From pearls to glass, or even diamonds, everything.