All the brides on their wedding day want to look perfect and beautiful. Who says a perfect, flawless, and glowing bridal makeup is impossible to achieve? One can quickly learn how to do simple makeup by own hands for a wedding day with these simple wedding makeup tips.

Apply a makeup polish to top the ideal moisturizer for the bride. Make-up first makes makeup last longer. This product is suitable for brides afflicted with oily skin as it manages and removes oil, making the bride’s makeup look new during the day.

Pick the right formula for the base. Using powder foundations for natural to oily skin, and use dry skin based liquid foundations. Stop using base powder on mature skin. Liquid foundation is the perfect makeup for mature women, as it does not highlight the typical wrinkles and dryness of older women.

bridal makeup

Pick the right foundation shade. Choosing the wrong foundation shade will give the head of the bride a different color to that of the rest of her body. Her beautiful shade of base on her jaw line will vanish.

Disguise dark circles under the eyes. No one on their wedding day wants a tired-looking bride so make sure her dark under-eye circles are well covered.

Apply concealers to blemishes on the skin. The intention here is to incorporate a darker spot into the complexion of the bride so choose a concealer that is lighter than the real skin tone of the bride. Fixing green concealers work best to conceal red spots.

Set the groundwork for making the makeup last longer. Use a loose powder containing minerals, which absorb oil.

Place blush on. Bring the face of the bride to life by applying blush to its cheeks.

Apply stick to the eyes. Use a lipstick brush for extra precision when applying the lipstick. Note, wedding makeup should look natural and not over the top either, so it is best to choose natural wedding makeup to flatter the lips of the bride. Apply some gloss to make it show in color.

Noodle the eyebrows. Go for the natural shape of the bride’s nose. Brush and fill the brows with a shade one to two shades lighter than the eyebrows to achieve a soft look.