You are artistic by nature, as a filmmaker. An image is a moment frozen in time, something far more beautiful than just a pixel set. You may have been a professional wedding photographer for years or maybe your side job with wedding photography is something you’d like to concentrate on more. Whatever your case, improving your portfolio with a series of imaginative wedding images that will please potential customers can never hurt.

Such innovative unique ideas for wedding photoshoot go beyond what traditional couples expect from the pictures. They’re more creative, more articulate and will offer the boost it deserves to your portfolio. Not only do you enjoy flexing your artistic muscles, your couples and prospective clients do enjoy the special touches you can add to their wedding albums.

  1. Pair the images in a diptych to catch motion.

Instead of capturing special moment, take consecutive pictures which you can then put together later. In an interesting way, this captures motion and tells more of a story than a single photo.

  1. Snap shadowed silhouettes.

Just as using black and white can produce dramatic images, it can also create a bit of dramatic flair by playing with shadow and light. Experience using shadows and spotlights to create stunning silhouettes, then apply your wedding day skills to them.

  1. Incorporate structure in momentary passion.

Have her and her husband kiss beneath the bride’s veil. Photograph the moment for a number of stunning shots, in black and white as well as in color.

  1. Only fire the hidden details and moments in between.

The couple might say they don’t care to get photos of the family walking from getting ready suites to the outdoor ceremony room, but make it your job to note and catch the significance of those moments. You may also look for images of those fascinating secret items, including the shoes of the bride and the socks of the groomsmen.

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  1. Using rates to formalize something important.

You’ll probably take traditional wedding formals where the family and wedding party line up for group shots but by adding rates you can add a new twist to the conventional. That may mean using a staircase, or wood or rock stacks. Check around the venue space to see if there are ways to add visual interest to your group shots through the rates and pacing.

  1. Using localization and perspective to create interesting shots.

To get creative wedding photoshoot also means something as easy as a change of perspective. You can take the ceremony’s aerial shot, use a drone to catch a massive group shot, or use locations that create fascinating views: a Cliffside, in a forest, underwater, in a cave, etc.