If your hair is thick, you ‘re in luck! There’s a lot of nice looking ways to wear your hair for your wedding day. Try out those romantic wedding hairstyle for long hair to help you narrow down the choices.

The trick with long hair is to choose a style that will keep your hairs under control during the day. Sometimes, before visiting the stylist for a beauty examination, you want to remember the bridal and veil beauty jewelry. By at least pulling back the front of your dress, you’ll give your veil a safe place to anchor so it doesn’t just slip down your head as you float down the aisle. The more intricate the hairdo, the more choices you’ll have for bridal hair jewelry, so you’ll be able to fasten every sort of comb, hairpin, or headband into the hairstyle anywhere and know it won’t move around.

bridal hair jewelry

Asymmetry is among the top wedding beauty patterns right now. It is in line with the latest fascination with asymmetric wedding gowns, such as the one-shoulder glamorous style. The prettiest bridal hairstyles off-center are trendy and sophisticated, just like the gown on one side. It needs to be styled enough to show that the hair is purposely left-of-center; a messy ‘do just looked like you put it together in a hurry and lost your bun or twist!

Low twists for long hair this year are among the most beautiful asymmetrical hairstyles for bride with long hair. Have your hairstyle pick all the hair below the neck nape. Have the pulled back part be clean and smooth, so that you can tinker with the twist part without making the overall look messy.

The collected hair segment at the neck nape may either be formed into a loose twisted knot, or a smoother, more polished spiral. Complete the effect with a glamorous headpiece in feather or a Swarovski crystal hairpin ring.